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A message from the President of Ajax FLA

Posted on January 21, 2011

Members like you — are what make the Liberal Party of Canada a true grassroots organization. Our relatively young riding association is transforming itself.

What was in the past called an ‘Executive meeting’ has now been changed to a Members’ Meeting. The focus is now on listening to you and we hope that this new format will make it easier for the members to become involved in committees such as Policy, Membership, Fundraising, Communications, etc.

Come and join us to discuss and share your views. Look for the date and location of the meetings or contact me directly at for more information.I encourage you all to get involved with the Liberal Party and the Ajax FLA. It is the best way you can ensure that the values we all hold so deeply about a society that is just, environmentally sensitive and economically viable can be represented in Ottawa.

Your actions today will build a better Canada for us all and our children.


Kamini Sahadeo
Ajax FLA